When it comes to a hard working professional in the steel and mining industries, you don’t get any better than Socrates Vasiliades. For over 25 years, Socrates has made a name for himself in the mining and steel industry by being a leading global trader of steel and raw materials. His skills in engineering, iron ore trading, procurement, and project management led him to into upstream mining activities and specializing in the exploration and cultivation of large scale iron ore projects throughout Central and Western Africa. Socrates has diversified his interests into other metals and large scale agricultural businesses.

As hard he works, Socrates doesn’t take anything he has for granted. A philanthropist that gives back to the community through charitable giving and donations. Not only does Socrates do business in Africa, he spends a considerable amount of time giving back to charities that help benefit and restore African lands and communities.

As agriculture and mining continue to expand internationally, expect to see more from one of the most prominent names in the business.